Calf Creek Falls

Well today I am going to talk about a place called Calf Creek Falls. It’s located in a hot spot of outdoor adventures, Escalante. This amazing trail is located on highway 12. If you’re coming from the north you get to drive along one of the coolest strips of high way called hells back bone. On both sides of you are cliffs and it’s a narrow two lane road frequently traversed by RV’s and other larger vehicles making it a fun hair-raising experience. The locations of the trail is really quite in the middle of no where so plan for a lot of driving, like 3-4 hours worth. If I were you I would spread it over a two-day adventure. One day drive down, then hiking the trail. Stay at the camp there or go a little wild and rugged and find some place to pull off and camp, then head back home the next day. Or if you want, hit up some of the other cool attractions in the area over the weekend and make it into an adventure no one will forget. (Some of these I will talk about at a later time)

Note: Before you leave your car, wrap your wind shield wipers with a bag or a towel. They have signs around the area that state that the crows will come and attack your wind shield wipers. I never had it happen, but I have talked to a ranger in the area who testifies its true.

Well now to begin to describe the trail. It’s a nice 2 3/4 (one way) mile trail. The elevation gain is like 10 feet, so its flat. the most challenging parts is the sand and the heat. If you have really bad feet, this may be a painful walk due to the non-solid surface you will be walking on for a long time. Also if you have little children (I mean really little) make sure to keep them cool. Most of the trail is in the sun, but there is a nice stream running the length of the it, so if you need to cool down its always there.

As you begin to arrive at the waterfall you will walk through a grove of tree’s that mask the waterfall. If you go early summer everything will be green and absolutely beautiful. When you break the tree’s the water fall comes into view. The 120 waterfall is the perfect way to end the blazing hot trail. The air is cool in the basin created by the canyon. Hanging off the walls are small plants that grow in the rocks and the moss makes the rock wall surrounding the waterfall a beautiful green. Its awesome.

Now that your hear, its time to get into the water. By the way its ice-cold. Your feet turn purple after a few minutes standing in it. It’s awesome. Especially since you have been hiking in 90+ weather for the past 2 hours. It feels amazing to hop in and enjoy a little time in the freezing water. You can swim all the way out to the water fall and enjoy the splash from that. Also if you feel a little adventurous you can slid on the moss-covered rocks next to the waterfall into the water. That always makes for a few good moments of fun.

Well now that you have experienced the waterfall its time to head back. The unfortunate thing is coming back, because by time you arrive at the car your ready to hop into another freezing cold pool of water.  The entire hike will take probably 4-5 hours, if not a little more. Its worth every step. We have made it into a family tradition. So if your lucky you might see me there in the upcoming months.


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