Willis Creek

Well another week has passed and its time for a new post about southern Utah. Last week I left you all with a cliff hanger about part two or our adventure in Escalante. Like I said we went to a place called Lick Wash, a cool canyon with wide scenery and a few little surprises along the way. Our adventure did not end here. We were on our way home heading north on Skutumpah road (also known as cottonwood canyon road)  when we came across what is known as Bull Valley Gorge. Its way cool, but it was late in the day and that hike was an all day adventure in itself, so we ended not going to it, but on the next rise over we found Willis Creek, a wonderfully sculpted slot canyon.

Willis Creek is an easy hike that does not require technical skill but takes you through some beautiful slots. There are plenty of curves and even a giant rock that sits as a guardian to one of the sections of the slot canyon. Not only that, there is a constant little stream flowing through the canyon providing a cool place to soak your feet if needed. The canyon has multiple sections of slots, followed by open sections of canyon. We only went down about 1 mile or so but we hit probably the best sections of the slots, but there could be more. Also, if you are a serious into canyoneering and hiking, this canyon along with Bull Valley Gorge and what is known as Sheep’s Creek are all apart of the same system and provide plenty of unforgettable experiences.

The hike begins at the road and drops right into the canyon very quickly. There are two ways to enter. One is you follow the trail, and the other you just follow the stream. It does not take you long before you hit the canyons and the fun from there begins. Its easy from this point out and I think I will just let the pictures describe the hike.

It was a quick and simple hike, hopefully if your in the area stop on by and take a few and look around. Its worth it.


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