Kanarraville Falls

I bet most of you out there who have ever attended college remember finals week. I don’t know how it is for you guys but for me that week is full of stress and also free time. All classes are canceled (cause they are over) and of course you have your tests. For me I had three tests that I needed to study for in the space of a week. Luckily for me this left open a Wednesday (that time I mentioned) that was just saying, “Hey do something fun on this day!” So that’s what I did. I got a buddy with me and we hiked  Kanarraville Falls.

The hike begins in  a small town called Kanarraville. I mean it is small. Like population 400 plus small. Its located 9 miles south of Cedar City Utah just off the freeway. After you pull off the freeway it’s a quick 10 minute drive to the town. Once you are there, find 100 north and head towards the canyon, there is a parking area for the hike, with a parking fee of 10 dollars. We saw that and decided not to park there and found a local church to park in. The extra 10 minutes of walking is worth not having to drop 10 bucks for a hike.

The beginning of the hike is relatively uneventful if you negate the man eating bugs, perilous pipes that must be crossed, land slides that we dodged, and great rivers we had to leap over. But seriously we did all of these things. The trail starts out on a road that goes back into the canyon about a mile, that is where you first have to cross the stream. If your tall and a good jumpers like us, you can simply jump the little stream. If not, this is where the water begins.

From this point on the trail cuts back and forth across repeatedly until you must walk through the water. Anyways back to the beginning. Soon after crossing the stream road tuns into an actual trail. After crossing another stream you then walk on the “perilous pipe” for a few feet. Don’t worry you can hold onto the canyon wall. A few minutes after this we fought the bugs and dodged the land slide. (It was only a few fist sized rocks, but if they had hit us, it would have messed up our day really badly.)

If you are familiar with hiking in the Wasatch or Rocky Mountains the trail feels a lot like this. Same type of trees and oak and shrubbery. But it also cuts back and forth into shrubbery you would see in southern Utah canyons, so the hike gives a lot of good diversity.

After repeated river crossings, most of which you can leap around and avoid getting wet, we finally got to a spot we no longer could hop over around and thus we began walking in the water. It’s not long after this point where you get to the coolest part of the hike (at least what we saw). The river goes from a canyon like feel to in instant slot canyon. Unlike most slot canyons though, you hike in a stream.

The slot canyon is actually a really amazing. It begins very abruptly and rises about 150 feet above your head. About 100 yards into the canyon we hit the water fall. It’s about 12 feet tall and a ladder off to the right allows you to climb to the top of it. Beyond the waterfall, the trail returns to similar conditions of canyon as before.

Unfortunately we had to turn around at this point because it was getting late in the day. On the way back we ran into a group that said they saw a rattle snake. I would have loved to see a rattle snake.

From my understanding there is another waterfall up the river and another slot canyon. If you have time, I would suggest going there. The total round trip is about 4 miles taking about 3-4 hours.

It turned into one amazing day. And we got free dinner out of it. Go Robby’s mom.



8 responses to “Kanarraville Falls

  1. Hey nate! I actually really like your blog. Also, I think you should consider being a tour guide for the hikes for people, and charge a small fee so you get some $$$ too.

  2. Hey Nathan…I was looking on line for some information about Kanarraville Falls (I’m wondering about accessibility for kids etc) and lo and behold, what should I find, but your blog. Small world! Good stuff and great photos. Bill (Dr. Heyborne)

    • sweet hearing from you! yeah, they may need a little help, you can go to the lower falls with them, but going above is probably a little too much for your kids. Just keep an eye on them and you will be fine.

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