Kanarraville Part II/ Solar Eclipse

Well once again it was one heck of an exciting weekend. A few months back my dad mentioned that their was going to be a solar eclipse that was to pass over southern Utah. I was all over that idea and practically have been counting down the days for this Sunday to arrive. Well it did. After some discussing with my dad and some friends we decided to return to Kannaraville falls (it was not that hard of a decision, its at the location of the eclipse). So here is an update of my last post plus some stuff that is new, that’s why its called part II. If you remember last time, we did not get more then a hundred yards or so past the first waterfall, but today we finally had the time to get to the second waterfall.

To rewind a little, in my previous images you could see the log that had steps nailed it. Some time within the past 2 weeks someone went in their and knocked all of them off and then bent and hammered in the nails.  I guess to compensate, maybe that same someone tied a little blue rope to help you up and down but it’s sketchy.

Above the falls you are first greeted by a series of rocks that are easily navigable. The trail is mostly in the river from this point on. The ground is also a little more treacherous. Less people come up this way so the rocks have more moss on them making it more slippery. The trail continues like this for about a quarter of a mile before it once again turns into a slot canyon.

This section of canyon is more narrow and a little more treacherous then the previous section. At the front is a “rapid” where the rock is carved out making a hole about 3 feet deep. After this, its an awesome narrow canyon that takes you up to the second waterfall. Unlike the first to get up this waterfall you have only ropes to shimmy up, so there is no way around getting soaking wet. We decided not to continue on, still leaving a level of mystery of what lays beyond. After taking a few pictures we headed back. As I mentioned there is a “rapid.” In a normal situation, that being a dry canyon, this would have been no problem, but when their is water it changes everything. Jumping off this rock onto concealed ground is asking for a broken ankle.  To get past this, we had to shimmy a bit and use both walls. Well as I was going down my footed slipped on the moss on the rock (I thought I was far enough away but I guess not) and fell into the water. By the way its freezing. Luckily I caught myself before I went under, saving my camera.

From this point on the trip went according to plan. We left the canyon and enjoyed some ice cream back in Cedar City and watched a movie to kill a little time before the eclipse began. About 6 o’clock we headed back to Kannaraville and set up on  the frontage road to watch the solar eclipse. Using 1 pair of solar eclipse glasses and a welding mask we sat back and enjoyed the ring of fire take place above us.


One response to “Kanarraville Part II/ Solar Eclipse

  1. Ah to be young and able to appreciate and partake of adventures reserved for those who answer natures call…. You write well and I enjoy your photos of your hiking adventures Nice sun photos!

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