Donut Falls

I am entering into a new phase of writing. I have been home from college now for three weeks (home being Salt Lake Utah) and now have a new dilemma, I am no longer close to southern Utah. Thus I am adapting and will be doing a combination of both southern and northern Utah hikes. If I wanted to get technical even my northern hikes are still south of some parts of the state… so I will justify it with that. Onto the hike!

Donut falls is found in the Wasatch mountains that run the length of Salt Lake and Provo valleys. To get to the hike you need to drive up Big Cotton Wood Canyon about 9 miles and it will be on the right. During the summer you can drive up to the trail head of the hike, but it is usually packed so I suggest parking in the parking lot by the road. The hike is about 1/2 a mile of easy trails with relatively low elevation gain, that’s until you get to the actual end of the hike and you have to climb up to the waterfall. The waterfall is about 100 feet up above where the trail ends and rock hoping begins.

My friend and I began the process of ascending the crumbled rocks face which takes a few minutes due to the conditions. Large boulders and plenty of scattered large rocks occupy the terrain and the river flows down through all of these. Many of these rocks are smooth due to weathering and erosion, making them slick. Along with these are logs that have been washed down the river and were lodged in the rocks, which are also extremely slippery. If you want, you can just tough the cold and walk through the water, but if your anything like me, the challenge begins of “how far can you go without getting wet.”

We worked our way back and forth across the maze and up the fallen rocks. To make the challenge even more challenging was the snow. There was not much but enough to get certain parts in the shade slippery. After about 15 minutes of scrambling and slipping we arrived at the waterfall. I had heard a few things about it, but once I was there I realized how awesome this place was. The stream comes off the cliff, drops a few feet and right through a hole in the rock. The water then comes out the bottom where a large opening had formed over years of erosion making a cavern. The waterfall made for a spectacular end to a short hike. A great day hike for anyone in the area.


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