The Burr Trail and the Strike Valley Overlook

If you have noticed all my recent posts have been about trips I have made here in the Salt Lake Valley area, but once again the call of the south drew me back to a familiar friend and to a new place of mystery. Over the weekend My father, cousin, and I ventured back to Calf Creek Falls and to a new place called the Burr Trail. I wont have time to talk about Calf Creek in this post, and I am also not ready for it, I am hoping to have a video of the trip so you all can enjoy the views.  Onto the Burr Trail.

The trail begins in a small town called Boulder about 20 minutes north of Calf Creek Falls and about 45 minutes north of Escalante. The trail begins going through some nice area and for the current time is paved. Soon the scenery changes drastically and quickly descends into an impressive sand stone canyon. This was my most favorite section of the drive we did. It reminded me of a drive through slot canyon (phrase coined by my cousin). The canyon walls twist back and forth and are filled with plenty of large pocketed regions.

The canyon then gives way and you descend into a valley (the panorama above is the cliff you drive next to as you come into this section of the trail). Soon after this the road turns into a dirt road. Its maintained but its still a dirt road. A few miles in is the turn off to the upper Muley Twist Canyon which is located in the Waterpocket fold…. which is a cool section of earth that has been pushed up and folded over itself strangely creating a unique geological landscape. Here we turned and the next part of the adventure begins.

This section requires a vehicle with four wheel drive. The road is rough and winds through a small canyon for about 3 miles where it ends with a fence that says no more vehicles beyond this point, but the trail leads off to Muley Twist canyon which it says it goes on for 9 miles. Also at this point is the Strike Valley Overlook which is only a quick hop skip and rock throw a way.

The trail for Strike Valley Overlook begins to head back into the hills but disappears about a quarter a mile into the jaunt where the sand somewhat ends and the large rock base shows through. Don’t worry, just keep walking in the general direction the trail was taking you and you will run into the overlook about half a mile away. Once you hit the overlook you are greeted with a unique geological vista  that spans in both directions. From your vantage you can see how the earths crust has been pushed and molded into the canyon before you. I took a few pictures but nothing you see here can truly describe what is seen.

Getting back to the car can be a little disorienting, as we found out and detoured just a little. Just remember what direction you came from and just wander that way. Oh yeah, go during the spring or fall, it was 95 while we were down there and it is only going to get hotter.


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