Calf Creek Falls Revisited.

Some of you who are following my blog  may remember that my first real post was Calf Creek Falls and I mentioned that I regularly go back and visit that location. Well it happened. I introduced a little of this adventure last week in my post about the Burr Trail and the Strike Valley Overlook, now I am going to finish the tale.

My cousin, dad and I set off on our adventure Saturday morning to head south to Calf Creek. From Salt Lake, it’s about a 5 hour drive, but if your located down south in Cedar City or St. George its only about 2 1/2 hours worth of driving. This trip is totally worth it though so if you feel like it may not be, take a double check and reconsider. When we arrived we soon found out that all the camping grounds were taken. If you are planning to just show up and camp, that probably wont happen. (I read that you can’t reserve a spot through the National Park systems so come early to get it.) To get around this, we headed towards Escalante and camped down the Hole in the Rock Trail, which is only  a few miles out of town. The camping area is just a few minutes down the road next to a sign that says don’t go off roading through the desert (not in those words but you get the meaning). There is a dirt road that takes you off to the right and there are a dozen make shift campsites around so pick one.

Onto the hike. We did things a little differently this time by leaving for our hike in the later afternoon hours, about 2 o’clock. There is a nice advantage to doing this because the trail now begins to have shadows cast across it from the canyon walls, especially towards the end. This is a nice relief from the hot desert sun. As I have mentioned, the trail is relatively flat but extremely sandy, which has a tendency to make you more tired then anything else.

As you travel you will experience a variety of landscapes from arid desert to thick green undergrowth towards the waterfall. Also note, at the beginning of the trail is a box that contains pamphlets that point out things to see along the way. These are marked with “mile posts” that correspond with the pamphlet.

After hiking for an hour or so, seeing a few lizards and 1 snake we finally arrived at the waterfall. The cliff walls were a beautiful mossy  green and the water was still icy cold. Unlike in times past, the hanging gardens on the cliff walls this year seamed to be lacking, but it was still a very beautiful scene. By the way the next part is extremely important. There is one rule about hiking to Calf Creek Falls, and that is you must get in the water. Not just walk in it, but jump in and swim. Your head must go completely under along with the rest of you. It is the unofficial official rule of this hike. In fact, if you have been, tell me about your experience of jumping into the water. I will just show you mine.

I still consider this to be one of my most favorite hikes, if not my favorite. Make some time, plan a trip and get on and go exploring. This is a wonderful world, take some time to appreciate it.

See the review and hiking details  here at!


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