Coral Pink Sand Dunes

Today begins a series of posts about my trip to Lake Powell. I guess to preface this, if invited to Lake Powell, do what you can to go to Lake Powell.  If your unfamiliar with it, let me take a second to explain what it is.

Lake Powell is a large man made reservoir that spans both Utah and Arizona. The Glen Canyon Dam is located just across the Utah border in Arizona and was constructed between 1956 to 1966. The lake, which is mainly fed by the Colorado, winds miles and miles through the desert with thousands of side canyons to explore on boat and foot. The lake is a huge destination for boaters, hikers, photographers and anyone in between. The one challenge about coming to the lake is that it is in the middle of no where so to break up our 7 hour drive we stopped at the Coral Pink Sand Dunes.

The Sand Dunes are located off of Highway 89 out side or Kanab. Coming from the north, you will pass by a turn off that says “Coral Pink Sand Dunes” and there is a small insignificant turn off that you make a right at. The sand dunes are then 10 miles down the road on the left. As you arrive there are multiple turn offs to access the dunes. The first is for vehicles like bikes and sand buggies, the second is for people. This is where we stopped at enjoyed the warm sand for a about 45 minutes. I know there is at least one more after that, but we did not go to it.100_4186

When arriving at the second turn off there is a nice little board that explains the history of the dunes, and formation. Parking is free, and the dunes are only a hill away. Directly in front of the parking area is a sandy hill that must be over come before you can access the park beyond. After struggling up the sandy hill you are presented with rolling sand hills that stretch off to your left and right. Surprisingly these dunes are not very vast, so you can see across it. We worked our way off to our left and found our selves a good rolling hill.

At this time I pulled out my camera, did a couple of flips off the dunes and then did a few videos of my friend who was attempting an aerial off the hill. It was his first attempt at ever doing one, but he will get it one day. We enjoyed our time here and then headed back out.

100_4183A few suggestions. Sandals are not a bad choice, (especially if its cool) they have a lot of surface area so you don’t dig in so much. Also your shoes are not filled with sand. Bring water. During the summer its really really hot and a little something is always important. Keep your camera away from the sand at all costs. That could ruin it. I unfortunately did not grab my normal camera, so I only have this video to show off. Bring a cheap snow board. I have sand boarded here in the past and it is a blast. Don’t do it though after the sand is wet, it sticks and it hurts like crazy to fall on. Did that once, learned my lesson.


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