Lake Powell, Some Scenic Walks.

This is part two of my adventure to Lake Powell. Last time I spoke of Coral Pink Sand Dunes, today I want to mention a few simple things to walk to and around in the Page area. As some of you may know, that section of Utah and Arizona are mecca’s of hiking. In this region are hikes like Antelope Canyon, which may very well be the most photographed slot canyon in the world. I unfortunately did not get a chance to go, so I will not have the pleasure to talk to you about that today. That will be another day… sometime in the unforeseen future.

Ok on to the business. There is a nice 100 yard walk right by the dam that gives you a great view of the dam and the canyon behind that dam. After driving over the bridge there will be a turn off to the right that takes you towards Denny’s (the breakfast place). On that same road is a turn off that says scenic pull off. After you park, you are a short minute walk down some jimmy rigged stairs and red rock to a little viewing area. Its not a hard walk, but something better than flip flops will be nicer on your feet. The viewing area has some rails so it is very kid safe. I took the liberty at this time to take a few pictures and enjoy some great scenery.

The next little walk we went on is over by the air port. I wish we could have gone to some better area but we were surrounded by thunderstorms all the days we were down there. Note on this. Thunderstorms in surrounding areas, even when the sky is clear above you, can still kill you. It would have been very unwise to go into some of the cooler hikes of the region due to this. Flash flood do occur without warning and they will win.

Anyways the hike by the air port. This is a nice little walk were many of the locals go in the evening. It has some great scenery of the distant plateaus in the distance and the power plant. If you follow the trail it seems to take you around the air port and into the desert. We of course did not do this and took the path no one travels until you hit some ATV trails down below. If you are wearing the proper shoes this is not all that bad and is relatively easy to do.

So I didn’t take much of pictures and only have video, which is not ready, so you only get a description. But I will tell you how to turn this into a really good hike. The little creek bed leads all the way to the lake. The total distance would probably be like 3 miles there 3 miles back. To make it really nice, head out before it is light and follow the creek bed down to the lake. Sit there on the edges of cliffs and watch the sun rise as it comes over Lake Powell in the morning. It will come up from behind you so you wont have to worry about sun in your eyes. That is a goal to do next time I am back in that area. If anyone wants though, if your in the area, do this and get a good time lapse video of the sun coming up over the lake and I will feature it on my blog.


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