Lake Powell

Well, this is my third and final installment of my adventure to Lake Powell. I will end my adventure on the lake itself. Before I really go into all of this, I want to thank “Boie” (I think that’s how you spell his name) and Denton for making this possible. Boie provided the boat and Denton helped provide housing. They also showed us tons of hospitality. This would not have been possible with out you guys. Thanks!

On to the lake!

As I had mentioned before, the weather down at Lake Powell was a little bit less than what we wanted. Thunderstorms and other conditions limited our ability to just go hop on to the lake. But when things cleared up and conditions were promising we got ready to set sail.

We backed the boat into the lake to launch and as we were just about to, the boat would not start. After fiddling around with it for a minute, nothing worked properly, so we ended up not going onto the the lake Saturday. Thus we just found ourselves a spot to go jump in and enjoy the afternoon on the beach.

By Sunday the boat had been fixed and we were ready to go. Launching the boat went smoothly and soon we were cruising our way around Lone Rock.  Lone Rock is one of the more noticeable geological features in the area. It is a huge rock jutting out of the lake and when the water is high enough, you can drive your boat all the way around it. It’s a cool place to go and check out when you get a chance.

After we passed by Lone Rock we headed off towards Ice Cream Canyon. I am not sure why its called Ice Cream Canyon but the color of the rock is similar to vanilla ice cream and there are plenty of rock formations that look like scoops of ice cream, that is my best guess. The canyon is located on the Utah side of the lake and is fantastic place to go especially if you have the right equipment. Kayaks and wave runners are a must for this canyon. When the water is deeper you can take the larger boats up the canyon and go exploring. Unfortunately, we did not have kayaks so we had to stay around the mouth of the canyon, but we did see a group of people coming out of a small side canyon on kayaks. Here we spent a few minutes jumping out of the boat to swim.

After we had enough of Ice Cream Canyon, we headed off to what is called the Sand King. The Sand King is a huge sand hill that is tucked back into a canyon. The hill is probably 500 feet tall and a couple of football fields long. It’s extremely steep (as you can see in the video) so walking to the top was quite challenging. Once we got there, Bruce my hiking buddy, decided he was going to roll down the entire thing. I said sure go for it and then I filmed it. Afterwards we just spent our time in the the water and let one storm pass before venturing back onto the lake.

Once it had passed we decided to leave and swing by the dam. Unfortunately for us, just as we were leaving a bunch of girls showed up on wave runners. Why we did not stay, I am not sure.

The Ride from the Sand King to the dam is about a 15 minute boat ride. As we were traveling we could see the next storm hulk its way across the horizon, threatening us with some severely bad weather. We made the decision to head back before we were trapped by the thunderstorm. Just as we pulled into the dock, it began to rain. It was good timing on our part. That ended our time at the lake and the next morning we packed up and headed out. I saw plenty of cool places to go along the way. So maybe here in a few more months or years I will have some of those up.


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