Goblin Valley

Lets talk about a Goblin Valley today. I had visited it in years past, and in reality this post needed to be at the beginning when I brought up Moab. Not that goblin Valley is near Moab, in fact its an hour and a half away, smack dab in the middle of no where, but I visited in when I went to Moab. I had an afternoon to kill and that seemed like a great place to go. So I pulled out my road atlas plotted my rout and headed off in the wild blue yonder.

The Drive from Moab to Goblin Valley is… uneventful. The most interesting thing to see is the San Rafael Swell in the distance. After driving about 45 minutes down I-70 you turn off at exit 131 and follow Temple Mountain Road for 24 miles until you see Goblin Valley Road. Then you drive for another 20 minutes and you finally arrive at Goblin Valley. When I went, Goblin Valley Rd was under construction, so I was driving in and amongst huge construction vehicles, but its been three years so I think they have finished.

Upon arrival you will see a small ranger station, a parking lot and a pavilion to have lunch in. The valley of “goblins” is just behind these down a large embankment. From here on out there are no hiking trails in particular, its a wander through and see whats here. The park is made up of these hoodoo’s (that’s what these formations are called). They are formed over thousands of years of erosion from water and wind. The thing that makes this place so special is the huge concentration of them in such a small area. There are plenty of cool places though for you to visit while you are here. So since there is nothing more to talk about sit back and enjoy some pictures.

Oh one more final thought, while your here, check out Little Wild Horse canyon, its right next door.


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