Sand Hollow, Cliff Jumping

Three day weekends are amazing things when you are in college (or anywhere else for that matter), and when you end them with cliff diving, they get even better. Here this past week was Labor Day and a few friends decided to go to a place called Sand Hollow. I figured that would be a good thing that I could do especially since I have cracked cartilage in my left knee and long hikes, running, ect are not so good for it. So Monday morning we headed out with about 15 people to have an awesome day.

Sand Hollow is a man made reservoir located on the south side of a small town called Hurricane. Hurricane is right out side of Zion National Park making this a great place to go while your in the neighborhood. The turn off is on highway 9, a few miles south west of Hurricane and the road is called Sand Hollow Rd. Once you wind your way down the road for a minute there is a 10 dollar admission fee. After paying, follow the road all the way to the end of the parking lot to your left and park. There is a little trail that goes back towards the water, follow that and it will lead you right to the top of the cliffs and the rest you know how to do.

A few notes.  Wear sun screen, I put some on but didn’t reapply and got owned by the sun. Also, make sure the water depth is good, just always a good thought.


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