Snow Canyon

I mentioned last week in my Sand Hollow post that I had cracked cartilage in my left knee. So after weeks of physical therapy and glucosamine supplements, here I was to test out how my knee was doing. A few days before the trip I looked up some cool places to go and came across a few hikes, Jenny’s Canyon and Johnson’s Canyon. They were small little rambles and they were perfect testing grounds for my knee.

Heading out Saturday morning with a few friends, we drove down to St. George Utah (where there is everything from A to Zion!). It was a nice drive and the temperatures have been dropping so it was not 100 degrees for once. By the way, right now is the beginning of the hiking season in southern Utah. Temperatures are dropping so you wont melt, or die of dehydration. If you have been holding out going, I suggest you start planning cause life is about to get good.

Anyways… Yes Snow Canyon. Snow Canyon is a state park located on the north west side of St. George. The turn off to go to Tuacahn theater is also the same turn you go on to go to Snow Canyon conveniently placing it in a lot of entertaining area’s. The park follows a medium sized canyon for a few miles with lots of little hikes with a few larger ones located throughout.

The first hike we stopped at was Johnson’s Canyon. I would love to tell you that it was this amazing hike, but we found out that it was closed due to seasonal closings. There is a little spring up the canyon right next to a big arch that would have been cool to see, but since the spring is there, we cannot go yet. You see, that water is the only naturally flowing water in the area, so it has created a micro environment for most of the parks rare and endangered species. Thus it is closed till November 1st. Expect a hike sometime after that time about the place.

After a small scare with one of our friends who was beginning to show the first signs of heat exhaustion we headed off to our next destination, Jenny’s Canyon. Jenny’s Canyon is about .5 miles round trip. It’s super easy with a nice little reward at the end. If you have tiny little kids, take them here, they will love it. Jenny’s Canyon is the beginnings of a slot canyon. Its about 100 yards deep with a lot of cool formations. I think its also a hang out for a coyote, there was a big pile of feathers on the ground when we showed up. I assume some remains of a meal.

Next, we stopped by some lava tubes that are found a few miles up the road. Its found on the Butterfly trail. It’s a common place where teenagers go to hang out, so it is heavily traveled. We did not have the proper lighting to go down to far, but I suggest going down and exploring some more when you have the proper flashlights.

After that we headed out and came back home. It was a wonderful little day activity. So if you read this and your in the area take a date here and do some exploring. It cost 6 bucks to enter the park so its a nice adventure for not a lot of money.


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