Kolob Reservoir

Time for me to finish the amazing weekend. Like I mentioned last week, I went to Cedar Breaks with both Brianna and Scott and had a great time with them. But that was not the end of the awesomeness. I had heard about an opening social for the Geology Club here at my school campus and decided to go along for the ride. The location of the event was up at Kolob Reservoir just outside of Zion National Park. Unfortunately, Scott could not come so it was only me and Brianna that could attend.

After we dropped off Scott back in Cedar we headed out on our adventure. It was about 7:30 at this time and we were late, so we made ourselves a quick bite to eat and then hit the road. There are two ways to get to the lake. One is to go down to Hurricane and drive like you’re going to Zion National Park and make a left at Kolob Reservoir road and work your way back up which takes about 2 hours, or you can take the back way.

The back road is up Highway 14 about 4 miles (if that). The turn off is on your right and it’s marked by a little sign that says “Kolob Reservoir.” But from what I remember it does not say the mileage. This road quickly ascends the mountain in a series of cut backs that eventually take you to the top where you can overlook the valley below. This is a great spot to go star gazing and to look at the city lights, but we did not have time to do any (well she could look, I was driving).

The road then heads back into the mountains where it becomes rough and tumble dirt road. The sign posting at this point said the lake was 20ish miles away, which is not normally all that far when driving, but when it’s a dirt road, it is. I drive a little Mitsubishi Mirage that is about 10 years old, it has terrible head lights and it’s not made for “country roads.” It also didn’t help that by this point, it was the dead of night and my vision was reduced only to my head lights. So combining all of these things together, it meant we were going to drive down this road at 20 miles an hour, if that. So we had a nice long time to talk.

After an hour of rough and tumble riding we finally arrived at the lake. We didn’t know where they were so we just picked a direction and started driving. It was not long before we ran into a couple walking down the road. I noticed the girl wearing what appeared to be a Southern Utah University sweater so I pulled over to ask if they knew anything about the Geology Club camp out. We were in luck because they had just left from it and pointed the way for us.

A few minutes later we arrived at the camp and enjoyed some peach cobbler with everyone. Some of the guys had pulled out guitars and were playing music and it was an all-around good time. About 11:30 the temperature really began to drop and that’s when we hit the sack.

About camping. Camping is on a first come first serve basis here, so plan on arriving early.

I have come to two conclusions over the past years of my camping experiences. 1- Deserts are better to camp in than mountains, because they have less rocks and more even surfaces. 2- I suck at picking locations for me to sleep. Just me though, everyone else in the tent always fairs better.

Brianna had found a piece of dirt that had a nice curve to it, making it easy to sleep on. I found a few rocks and “ravines” that made sleeping in almost any position impossible. It also didn’t help that when I set up my self-inflating air pad I forgot to reseal it, and I did not give it enough time to inflate anyways. So I “slept” somewhat uncomfortably that night, but I figured I would because that’s apart of the experience!

The next morning I was awake around 5 and tired of trying to sleep. So I tossed and turned for about 30 minutes before I heard Brianna’s breathing changed and assumed she was awake and woke her up too. We chit chatted for about an hour and then got out of bed. At seven we decided to go on a walk around the lake and enjoy all the fall colors as they were beginning to set in. We took a few bead head pictures of us then headed back after 20 minutes of wandering.

The lake is a decently large lake with plenty of fishing. It’s also a great place to go kayaking too. The club had brought up some kayaks to ride around it but we didn’t go. We heard later though that one of the groups flipped their kayaks because a couple people leaned too far over the edge to see something in the water. So when they showed back up to camp, they were soaking wet.

We ate a dutch oven breakfast and then decided to head back down the mountain. Thus ending a perfect weekend.


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