Have a Bryce Day

Well Halloween is coming up and I wish I could talk about a “spooky” hike, but the only one I know of is a slot canyon in Escalante called Spooky but I don’t have pictures for that. I will get to that though, just at a later date, so keep tune and I will give you guys a “scary” adventure to go on. But I have something to talk about today anyways.

Bryce and Bryce Point

Bryce Canyon National Park is located off of highway 12, about an hour and a half from Cedar City (that is my reference point currently). The park has probably the greatest collection of hoodoos on the earth and also has had the claim for best night sky in the United States. But that title has been passed back and forth with Capitol Reef National Park and a few others so I am not sure who has the title now and the NPS web site does not say. I guess a little rivalry makes for interesting banter when park rangers teach visitors about why their park is the best.

The specific part of the park I would like to talk about today is Bryce Point. The actual overlook is not really a hike. It’s more of a park and walk 100 yards to some breathtaking views, but it’s worth the 25 dollar admission fee and the 100 yards. If you have ever seen pictures of the park, I guarantee you have seen something taken from here. But to make that 25 dollars’ worth it you need to go and explore.

Right from the parking lot for Bryce Point is a trail head that splits off and takes you three ways. One is the Hat Shop, The second is the Peekaboo Loop, and the third is the Under Rim trail. Unfortunetly I have no clue where each go. Why you may ask? Because I had 40 minutes to explore before I had to head home. I did get a chance to descend into canyon some but not much. I was on the Under The Rim trail if you want to know. So I will unpleasantly leave you with that. But! With that I will leave you with lots of pictures for you to enjoy.

Happy Halloween!


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