Red Cliffs Revamped!

I am not sure, but many of you who follow this blog have come to realize that I often revisit places I have been. Why you may ask? Because often you get to relive fond memories and discover new and exciting things that you may have missed your first time. So this time visiting Red Cliffs we followed the actual trail and discovered that it is amazing!

So to recap some details, Red cliffs is located in between Cedar City and St. George in a small town called Leeds. If your coming from Cedar City, take Exit 23 into Leeds. Turn left and then make your first right onto Main street. You can’t miss it, because it’s the only main road in the area. Follow this road for a mile or two and make a right when it tells you to. Follow the road to the left and it will lead you to the Red Cliff Camp Ground and the beginning of the hike. It cost 2 dollars to get in (maybe three but it’s super cheap). The trail begins at the mouth of the canyon on the left side.

OK, now we talk about the hike. The hike is a few miles long, but the beginning is very kid friendly and a perfect family activity. The trail begins on a somewhat sandy trail that takes you back into the canyon. It follows the cliff for a ways but will periodically cross the stream. Don’t worry about getting wet at this point, if you want you can simply avoid all the water in almost any given situation. It also helps that the stream is only a few inches deep too.

The trail will go on like this for about a mile, probably less. At this point you will hit a narrow section of canyon that has been carved into a large U shape. Here the hike shifts gears and gets crazy. The first obstacle is a waterfall, but there are foot steps carved into the rock, with a rope for assistance to get passed this.

After this the trail comes to a fork. To the left is a dry wash which is interesting but not that exciting. It goes back about 100 yards but not worth exploring too much. To the right is a stream that cuts through the rock. That is trail, so from here on out you’re going to get wet. At this point I looked at my girlfriend, Brianna, and asked her if she wanted to make this hike epic. She debated it for a second because she was wearing jeans (I was wearing shorts) but agreed. So we popped off our shoes and began walking in the water. The water gets about waist deep, so don’t worry about swimming.

There are two super technical areas that we experienced. The first was a series of waterfalls that we had to shimmy up. This is where I had to pin my self with my arms and wedge my self through this narrow slot canyon as water is pouring down on me. Then I had to wedge my self in the wall and help Brianna up. Lets just say we were soaking after that.

After that waterfall was another clearing where it was easy for about 100 yards, then it narrows back up. Here there are two options. Go straight up the waterfall, which I did, and the second is use the little rope that is bolted into the wall, which is what Brianna did. The rope has some practical uses, but is much more difficult in my opinion. After I got up, I went back and helped Brianna up the rope section. The next part is actually a little tricky.

The water had cut out a bowl shape surface that were slick. If you can wall run, you can avoid the bowl section of canyon but I assume most people who read this can’t, so you will have to be super cautions at this part, because it has broken ankle written all over it. I don’t have any pictures of this, but you will know the area when you see it, so trust my vague descriptions.

Once we got out of that section, it was about 5 o’clock and we were running out of day light. We followed the stream for a bit but had to turn around. We spoke with a few guys who said that it gets really narrow up ahead, so I trust them that it gets amazing.

This is wonderful place to take a date all times of the year. I have been here in February and had great weather. So couples out there take a few minutes and check this place out, you will have a great time.


3 responses to “Red Cliffs Revamped!

  1. Nate, I love you, but I’m convienced you are nuts to do those things, scares me just reading about your adventures.
    Brianna is the best sport I’ ever knew. Gotta be love. Ha, Ha.

    Grandma evie

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