Johnson Canyon

Johnsons CanyonOn the first day of Christmas Southern Utah Hiking gave me, Johnson Canyon…

Well that was a cheesy attempt of trying to use this blog for a 12 days of Christmas thing but Johnson Canyon really doesn’t rhyme so use your imagination. What ever, you get the point.

Anyways today I am talking about a nice little hike called Johnson Canyon located in Snow Canyon State Park in St. George. The total distance is about 2 miles round trip (probably less then that) with a rewarding vista at the end. The hike is actually located out side of the park entrance which means its free and as a college student that is awesome. There are some restrictions on the trail though, so be aware of this.

  • Distance-2 miles round trip
  • Parking and Fee’s- a parking lot is available and there are no fee’s
  • Trail Closure- Yes, trail is open from Nov 1 and closes on March 15. Don’t go there in the summer unless you want a ticket.

Well I guess I should tell you the story. The day actually turned out to be a wonderful double date. I was planning on going down anyways in November to go on this hike, and as it so happened my girlfriends friend wanted to join so it turned into a double date. So we headed out Saturday morning and headed to St. George. Along the way we passed a mob of walkers and runners who were doing some sort of race, which is a surprisingly common thing for this city, so if your into that check out their website.

Johnson Canyon ArchAfter dodging all the racers we arrived at our destination and headed out on our hike. The hike itself is not all that difficult. We saw plenty of families out walking (it was the first weekend the hike was open so it was a popular place to be) so it is a great family adventure. The trail first runs through some open desert, and if you catch it at the right time, the place is yellow with little flowers.

It only takes a few minutes of hiking before you arrive at the canyon and only a few more minutes before you arrive at a 200 foot arch. The arch is quite impressive. I suggest going in the evening though, the sun will actually be hitting the arch lighting it up. So if you’re into photography that would be your prime time. Unfortunately for me my only camera I had on me was my phone. I had forgotten to charge my batteries to my camera so the picture you see is all I have of the arch.





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