Toad Stools…

Toad StoolWell I am back bringing Christmas cheer and a sweet new place to go while your in southern Utah. But this is not one of my destinations where you would go out and make a trip out of. What this is is a place to visit while you’re passing through the neighborhood.

It’s called the Toad Stools and it’s located off of highway 89 about 20 miles out of Page. I never noticed it all the many times I had passes through this region until this past trip. It is small and inconspicuous but definitely worth a few minutes of your time.

I guess I should tell the story. I was on my way home from my sisters wedding, (Congrats to her by the the way) and I saw this little sign that said Toad Stools. Well I had never heard of it before so I pulled over to see what it was. The billboard there had some pictures and it said the hike was about 1.5 miles round trip, something super easy to do. We had been driving for a few hours by this point and it was time to stretch and so me and Brianna headed out on a small adventure.toad stool trail

The hike begins in a little river bed and heads back into the hills. The trail was super easy so not very exciting. About 10 minutes into walking the first of the toad stools appeared on the horizon and after a few more minutes of walking we came across these hoodoo formations called Toad Stools.

Judging on how these things look, they are probably formed through what is called differential weathering. The top capstone is more resistant to weathering then the stone underneath. So when the stone underneath is eaten away, the rocks on top keep the stone directly beneath it better protected, thus a toad stool is formed.

Toad Stool GarderStanding from the “main” toad stool you can see a few off to your left in the distance and a few more scatteredĀ around the area. Well to get a good look at a toad stool garden you need to head left. (I think west but I don’t remember.) Walk along the red rock for a ways and you will see that the trail wraps around the point in the hill. Beyond this you will see a few more toad stools but if you head farther back you will run into a nice surprise that is easily missed.

Tucked away next to the cliff wall is a garden of toad stools. We took a few fun pictures here and then enjoyed the rest of our time. We headed out soon after this and headed the rest of the way to Cedar City.

Oh yeah, southern Utah is still awesome to be in. If you want to get away from the snow, head out here and check out a few hikes!


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