12/12/12 A Magic Number

This post is simply to immortalize this day 12/12/12. This is one of those once in a century moments and you can bet I will be sitting in front of a clock with a camera when 12:12 hits so that I can get a picture of me at the moment when time is 12:12 on 12/12/12. That’s 5 12’s in a row. Kinda crazy right.

Well If I was to relate those types of numbers to hiking it would go something like this:

  • You can either look at that as 12 hikes that need to be performed in 12 days 1 hike a day.
  • Or you could take 12×5=60 so 60 hikes is now your target number to achieve, so that’s 60 hikes in 60 days… I guess that would be possible in places like Escalante.
  • Or you could be one of those people who gets married today, then have 12 kids which you take on 12 hikes in remembrance of 12 so that these poor children will always have that day ingrained into their memory.
  • Or you could repel off a 60 foot cliff, or you could repel off a 20 foot cliff 3 times to get the magic of 60 then divide that by 5 and you get 12 places where you could do that. That will take some research to find them but what the hey, it’s all for the sake of 12.
  • Take 12 pictures of hikes and post them today so that you can once again align with the magic number.

That is the extent of my knowledge of things you could do with hiking. I guess if I spent the time to write out a big long list I could get more, but 5 is enough… because if you times it by 12 you get 60 then divide it by 5 you get back to 12.

All I am trying to say is make today a fun day. I have one final, and a lot of studying to do, but you can count on me having a good time.

What would you do today that relates to the number 12?

Here are my 12 pictures of almost 12 hikes.


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