Cathedral Caves

Cathedral CavesSo last week I introduced everyone to Cathedral Gorge, a small state park located in Nevada right across the border from Utah. I hope you enjoyed the reading, and today I would like to bring you the answer to my “cliff hanger” of an ending in that post. I present you with Cathedral Caves, one of the coolest places I have ever been.

So when driving into the park, there are two roads you can take. The one of the left takes you to a loop of the park, which was our first choice. The road on the right though takes you to Cathedral Caves.

The Caves are found about a mile down the road. When you arrive, there is a cool cathedral of spires that make up the caves. About 100 yards from the parking spot is the mouth to the caves. You can find it if you follow were the water has eroded some stream like features in the earth. You can see how you enter in the video from last week.

When you first enter into the caves you will discover that they are not really caves but thin narrow canyons that slither their way back into the Cathedral Cavescliff face. The crazy thing is that they may appear to only go a few yards, but if you can squeeze past some the most narrow parts they open up into a labyrinth of canyons that keep going for quite a distance.

Bruce and Marcus, my two friends who came along managed to do this. They were the smaller people of the group, and manages to get through a crack than was about 6 inches wide at the base but opened some the higher you went.

Pulling Marcus OutThey manages to keep going farther and farther until they had to climb their way out of these canyons. They were having to hold themselves up as they shimmied up these narrow canyons easily 30 or 40 feet off the ground. We eventually pulled Marcus out at the top of the cliffs, but Bruce ended up turning around and coming out the same way he came in.

Well Brianna, Robby, and I were too big to go into those, so we began to explore the surroundings and discovered that these cliffs were riddles with these canyons. We found about three other canyons to go down. Some ended with huge holes that plunged into the earth and continued as caves. We did not have the gear to follow them, but they were spectacular to look at.

On top of Cathedral CavesAfter exploring the canyons some, we decided that we were going to climb to the top of them. While we were doing this, Bruce and Marcus were still climbing up the canyon so we figured we were going to meet them at the top. Well as we climbed we saw some cool things, but at the top we discovered something that was terrifying but also amazing.

The canyons we were walking on were riddles with deep holes. Not like something you trip in, but like something you fall in and plunge 100 feet to your death or into and are trapped. As we walked around we discovered that these things were everywhere. Dozens of them would just appear of and plunge into an abyss. As we walked around a question began to grow within our minds, “Are we walking on solid dirt or are we walking over open space, and would it collapse beneath our feet?” In some places you could see small holes opening in the surface, suggesting that underneath that dirt was a very big drop to nothing. So we became aware of this, and kept a good eye on the ground. These are the holes I am talking about.

Well after some searching around and some exploring we discovered our two friends in the canyon below. They were at a precarious spot, but with some guidance we pulled Marcus to the top of the canyon and out of danger. Bruce on the other hand, went back the way he came and we met up with him at the bottom.

After some exploring we decided to head out… That was until we discovered something else… The Moon Caves. Which is next weeks post.


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