Moon Caves

I am actually going to start this off with a question:

Why do you read my blog?

Just respond as a comment, I am doing some research 🙂

Moon CavesWell the season for normal hiking in southern Utah has passed. I am back in Cedar City and currently it is 10 degrees (Fahrenheit) out side. It has been dipping into the negative degree temperatures across the state. It has been these temperatures for the past few weeks so going out and doing stuff requires a lot of gear. But lucky for you guys, I still have a few more adventures to share. Today I am finishing my Cathedral Gorge adventure with part 3 of our journey, Moon Caves.

Moon Caves are located just south of Cathedral Caves about a quarter of a mile, there is a small sign that says Moon Caves and that’s about it, making it easy to miss. Once again it’s a short walk to the caves but once you enter you find yourself in a maze of thin slot canyons. Soon after entering the canyon Brianna (girlfriend) noticed a  hole in the canyon wall. Well she being miss curious decided to take a look.Tunnel in Moon Caves

Low and behold it actually was a tunnel! Yes after crawling for a few feet through this narrow hole in the ground, you were lead to another canyon. But the adventure did not stop there. If you followed the canyon it would soon dead end, but hanging from a wall was a rope that took you up to what looked like another cave above us. So up we went

There are few scarier things then climbing up and down 20 foot cliffs with just a piece of rope and no gear. Tigers attacking you would definitely be more scary but for what we were doing this kinda takes the cake. I didn’t particularly want to climb up the rope that was tied to an unknown something but low and behold Brianna wanted to go, so I too must follow.

Climbing up was not so bad, once you got to the top there was a steep incline that disappeared around the corner. A few of the guys with us went down and explored ahead, but all it turned into was a series of small caves. Weather they led somewhere we do not know. We were running out of time and thus we had to turn back.

100_4469Well now that your at the top of this thing you have to get off. A word of advice, when repelling you want to walk down the cliff face not have your stomach touching the wall. So yes you want to lean away from the wall and walk down. I went down first this time and grabbing that rope and convincing my self that I needed to repel off this cliff was kind of an exciting moment. Here I am with no gear and now walking off a cliff.

Yeah it was exciting.Moon Caves

I wish I had my Go Pro on me at that moment and I could have recorded it, but I didn’t. But anyways I walked down the cliff and had a good time doing so. The scariest part is the beginning and then it gets easier. The next scariest part is watching your girl friend do it. One by one we made it down the cliff face and headed out of the canyon.

Cathedral Gorge is a blast! It is a hidden and forgotten treasure of the region and has lots of amazing places to see. If you want a cool adventure, go here, its worth your time.


5 responses to “Moon Caves

    • I agree with your comment. I like to hike and Utah is a big place with so very many places to go and many of them you might never find unless you can get multiple sets of eyes and legs working for you. Reading blogs like this one can help you scout out places of interest so that you can invest your time, money and energy strategically.

  1. I read your blog because I like to keep up with my nephew, who I like, and because I hope to be able to do some of these hikes with your dad one of these days. Of course I don’t plan to rappel down cliffs or try to skinny into crevices. But still it’s fun to read.

  2. I am reading your blog because my family and sister-in-law’s family are planning a trip to hopefully hike the Wave next Easter and I am looking for other interesting hikes in southern Utah and stumbled across your blog on my internet search. 2 years ago my family took a 3 week driving trip from home (Swift Current, SK Canada) to Disneyland and stopped in Utah for some river rafting and hiking on the way. I am now in love with Utah and want to come back to see more! My kids are going to love Coral Pink Sand Dunes – looks like you had a lot of fun there.

    • yeah it is a blast! definitely take your kids there. Also stop by Toad Stools, its just up the road from there by like 30 minutes or so.

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