Free National Park Day Returns

Delicate ArchLast semester I took a class called Geology of National Parks, and at the beginning of that semester we watched a video on the birth of national parks. It was really interesting and inspiring especially for an individual like me. One of the quotes that came from this was “National Parks, Americas greatest idea.”

That’s a powerful statement especially for our country. We as a country have brought about some of the greatest things this world has seen. We established a government unlike the world has ever known. Under that government we have established some of the most profound decree’s, principles, and laws. This country grew into the powerhouse of the world and has remained at the top for quite a few years now.

Then why are national parks Americas greatest idea?

Mesa Arch


I pose that question to you guys, let me know what you think. I will share with you next week what I think. Here are the days though, the first one is this Monday. Make some plans and get going out there!

January 21- Martin Luther King Jr. Day

April 22-26- National Park Week

August 25- National Park Service Day

September 28- National Public Lands Day

November 9-11- Veterans Day Weekend.

Yellowstone. Old Faithful

Bryce Overlook


3 responses to “Free National Park Day Returns

  1. I believe that Yellowstone was the first national park. I think that what was so novel and amazing is that at that time in history conservation and preservation was simply not part of the thinking of any nation or people. This was a very forward thinking act, its key purpose being to preserve for the future something that has an intrinsic value just as it is and needs no improvement.

  2. The national parks are definitely our link and reminder of our natural environment and our relationship to the earth that we live on. It is definitely a powerful idea.

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