Snowshoeing Cedar Breaks

cedar breaks walkingA few weeks back I was walking through the halls at my college and saw a sign that said “Snowshoe Cedar Breaks!” I of course got all excited because I really like hiking Cedar Breaks and getting the opportunity to snowshoe it would be a unique and interesting experience.  I had seen this advertised last year but was not able to go, but I finally had time this year so I took up the adventure.

Snowshoeing at Cedar Breaks is actually run by the park service and is free to the public during the months of January and February, they stop it after that. They go every weekend weather permitting. (My first planned trip was pushed back because the expected high for the day was 2 degrees F.)

So after a few failed attempts of going, the stars finally aligned and Brianna and I were able to go. We set out Saturday morning and met at the Cedar City Visitor Center and carpooled up the mountain. We first drove by Brian Head Ski Resort, then followed the road till it could go no further… Yeah the road just ended in a big wall of snow about 6 feet high.

So at this point cars were parked and snow shoes were strapped on. By the way, snowshoes are provided for free. And this is when I got my first lessons in snow shoes. Some things to take note of:snow shoes

  1. They really work, you only sink like 4 inches
  2. You cannot walk backwards.
  3. You cannot walk sideways
  4. Once you lose your balance, you are down.
  5. Turning around must be done in small circle
  6. Your feet are now bigger, so you are more likely step on other peoples feet.
  7. It is a lot of work to walk in snowshoes.

So we got our things together and headed out. Kinda how this thing goes is there are two guides and they talk about the animals, geology, and the flower festival that goes on in the spring. You are free to meander some and go place to place. I wanted to break away from the group and go see the rim, (so I did) which couldn’t be seen very well due to all the trees but it was still fun.

Side note: It gets really really hot trudging around in snow. It was 24 degrees up there but felt much much hotter once we began moving. We began with our coats on, but in a few minutes we had the coats off and we were just walking in our long sleeve shirts.

Brianna covered with snowAfter reuniting with the group out side a grove of trees (the one in the picture above) we took a break. At this moment I happened to flick a shovel size amount of snow into Brianna face as I was trying to position myself next to her. All I heard was a scream of shock and I turned my head and saw her covered with snow. I laughed, I guess it was me getting back at her for throwing a snow ball at me.

After our brief stop, we headed through the trees. The things we learned here was don’t step too close to snow covered treestree’s especially little ones. They ofter create pockets of open space around them so when you step by them you sink and kinda get stuck. After our brief time in the woods we tromped across a field then stopped at the ranger station on top of the mountain for free hot coco. Here we had our lunches and enjoyed our time.

Soon after we headed back out and took a few more pictures along the rim. It was a great day and is a great activity to do if your passing through the area, or if you are just in need of a fun Saturday activity. Who knows you may see me next year if you’re in Cedar City in January or February.



2 responses to “Snowshoeing Cedar Breaks

  1. I want more information for this year 14-15. I really want to get out and learn some low impact winter sports like cross country skiing and snow shoeing but every link is a dead end. 😦 We just moved to Cedar City and would like to find some place that offers basic lessons and rentals. Any guidance would be appreciated!!!

    • One place to start is the SUU outdoor center. They can hook you up with many rentals. As for other places that have lists of places to go, the Cedar City tourism office has the listings of activities. That should allow you to get in contact with the park service and allow you to schedule activities. Let me know if this helps and if you have any other questions let me know.

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