Cathedral Gorge, Revisitied

Cathedral CavesI realize I value my first sentence of my blog a lot more now then I ever did when I first began. I have been trying to write this blog now for about 24 hours and have typed, backspaced, highlighted and deleted everything. So how is this blog going to start? Like this.

104_4527One week ago was Presidents Day, I had had one of the busiest weeks of my life when it came to school so in order to relax a bit it was time to go on a trip. So the Saturday before Presidents Day I called up my dad and asked him if he wanted to come down and go someplace. He did. My parents currently live in Salt Lake City and if you are familiar with this part of the country you will know that it is notorious for nasty inversions.

An inversion is an atmospheric situation where the cold air gets trapped below a blanket of warm air. With this, most pollution that is formed hangs low to the ground, unable to escape the cold air, covering the sky with a nasty dark haze that is really bad for you.

So my dad grabbed my mom and headed down south.

Cathedral Gorge is not in Southern Utah, but in Nevada. But since it is so close I call it apart of Utah. The weather was great. Air was clean and the sun was warm. (Currently it is snowing and extremely windy and cold… which kinda sucks, but it was nice last week)

Well my parents picked my fiance and I up, and we headed west. It takes about an hour or so to get to the place, but not to bad overall.

Soon after we arrived we hopped out and began to explore once again. You Cathedral Gorgesee last time we were here we spent most of our time in the rest of the park and only a few minutes by Cathedral Caves and Moon Caves. So instead of spending our time in the main part of the park, we wandered through all the little nooks and crevasses. This turned out to be a lot of fun.

Things we learned:

  • There are a lot more tiny canyons.
  • There are big scary holes on top of the formation by moon caves.
  • There are plenty of holes that are not fully exposed or would not be noticed if you were directly over them.
  • The realization of not knowing whats under your feet is really spooky.

Another thing we did there was try out a new camera mount for my GoPro Camera. I recently made a cable cam so in the video you get to see what it is like to fly over some of these crazy holes in the earth. We even lowered the camera into one of these.

So that was my adventure, romping around Cathedral one more time (sorry no new hike today) but I got some fun footage. Enjoy!



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