Bell Canyon

102_3852Today I bring you an archival hike. One I have not spoken about but one that was done about 8 months ago, but never got a chance to post it. This was back when I was doing a lot of hikes over the summer with Bruce and this was one of our first. It’s called Bell Canyon located in Sandy Utah. If you are ever in Salt Lake City over the summer and need a good Saturday morning activity this is the place to go.

There are two ways of getting to the hike. One way starts you off by some houses and I am not exactly sure how to get there. I could find it if I really wanted but you can get the directions at

The other way to get here is easy, you drive up 9000 s in Sandy and drive up till you get to the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon and there will be a parking spot for the hike just a few hundred yards up the road on the right. There are limited parking spots here so be prepared to park farther away then expected.

From here the hike takes you up the mountain. You gain quite a bit of elevation, about 1500 feet to be exact, so it is a duzy of a hike. Luckely it is broken up in segments and it is not all straight up hill.

The beginning is steep and that takes you up to a reservoir. From here the trail levels out for a ways and follows a stream up into the mountains. This is a very nice section of the hike and is quite pleasant. But it is not long before you begin climbing. The trail also at this point begins to become a little more tricky to follow. We lost our way for a few minutes once but after the mock trail dead ended, we headed back and 102_3854got on the right track.

It is not long after this point that you hit the hardest part of the climb. A grueling uphill climb is what awaits you before you get to the waterfall. It is a straight up hill climb for a good 300 or 400 feet of elevation gain. It was tough. But at this point you need to pay attention, because about half way up this hill you need to make a hard left.

When we went there was not a sign, but the best way to tell is that there is a huge tree on the left side of the trail that is your sign post of a sort. I also remember the trail got muddy right here (it was not muddy before so it was definitely different then everywhere else.) Once you turn left here, it is about 100 yards or so and you are at the waterfall. It was an awesome ending to an amazing hike.

For additional information on this hike go to


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