Returning South

Balance rockWell I missed last week due to vacation, but I am back now and still have stories to tell, but the story to tell now is that it is time to return down south.

This has been one of the coldest winters on record for Utah. Cedar City, the place where I am going to school, had temperatures as low as -18 f. But winter is now passing and the warm spring air is beginning to return. It has been in the 60’s and 70’s most of this week and it only goes up from here.

Checking the weather reports for Zion National Park, temperatures are to be in the high 70’s all week. Moab is about the same. Here in the next two months is the time to come out and visit Utah before it gets too hot to do anything. Most hiking websites that discuss trails here in Utah almost all say the time to hike in the southern regions is during spring and fall.

Here in late April will be free national park week, so you should begin planning your trip now and hit up a few places here in Utah that will blow your mind. In fact I think next week I am going to write about one in Arches National Park that is really awesome and also less known about.

Go out and explore. Tis the season.


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