The Fiery Furnace

The Fiery FurnaceWinter is finally relenting here in Southern Utah and I will soon be able to go out on more hikes. There are a few around Cedar City that I have been wanting to go on, but the mountains are still filled with snow, so I am left to work with the lowland stuff. I did just go on an exploratory hike that I will discuss next week, but like I said last week, today is going to about a hike in Archers National Park and it is called the Fiery Furnace.



  • Distance- 2 miles
  • Time- 3 hours
  • Guided- Yes. You cannot go on this hike on your own (I keep getting mixed reports about this, so call the park for more details).
  • Cost-10 per-person
  • Restrictions- 5 and under not allowed. Be in good physical shape,The Fiery Furnace

I am trying to decide how I am going to talk about this hike. Lets start with getting a permit. Reservations can be made online but it varies, it seems, depending on what time of the year it is. Just call ahead for more information. Upon receiving a permit they will give you directions to the location.

The hike itself is a twisted maze of excitement. You will travel through arches, thin slot canyons, and around huge pillars. The Park says the terrain is difficult, but I found it relatively easy to navigate (I guess I am a healthy 22 year old so I don’t normally have hard times with things). I have seen video’s of people repelling through the area, but from my understanding they are not doing that anymore and I definitely did not do any of that.

The most notable arches on this hike are Skull Arch, Surprise Arch, and Walk-through Bridge. There is also plenty of eye candy around there for photographers to have fun with so have fun with it all.


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