Gunlock Reservoir

Gunlock Reservoir Last week was kind of an exploration trip. I had plans to go down to St. George in the evening, so to make the day more exciting, I decided I was going to go visit someplace down there and do some exploring before my scheduled business. Not really wanting to go back to Snow Canyon again, I began the search of some place new to go and Gunlock Reservoir caught my attention.

It stood out amongst other options due to a few pictures I saw of huge waterfalls pouring off cliffs. I thought that was a worthy adventure if there were huge waterfalls. It turns out that this is not entirely accurate.

Gunlock Reservoir does have waterfalls, they are located on the south end of the lake, but they only run when they have overflow. AKA when a huge rain storm comes through.

Getting to the location is not too bad. Follow Old Highway 91 until it tells you to branch right and go to the lake. We got lost because I took a wrong turn, but after romping around the area for a few minutes we popped out on in the right area and got back on track. The drive is quite scenic and very enjoyable.

As for hikes to do in the area… There are none that I know of. There was something that looked like it might turn into a slot canyon, but it turned out to be nothing. If you had a little boat, you might be able to get to a few areas that might have some potential. There is a minor fee for using the lake, so be aware of that.




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