Sweat for Clean Water

Today I begin the “Go out and Explore” campaign. The idea behind this is to get people outside enjoying the world around them. In order to do this, I am going to set up events for people to come out to and have a great day. The goal would be to do this once or twice a year. At each event there will be a fund raiser for a charity.

The Event

Day- June 29, 2013

Location- Calf Creek Falls, Escalante Utah

Time:10:00 AMCalf Creek Falls

So our first event is going to be at Calf Creek Falls, located just a few minutes out of Escalante, Utah. I chose this location because it is a little less known, but an awesome hike!

A Fund Raiser

In order to make this event have more meaning then just a regular group meetup, this is going to be a charity fund raiser. I recently saw a presentation about an organization called Charity:Water. What they do is bring fresh drinking water to under developed countries around the world. Here is their video.

I want to raise 1000 dollars for their organization. This is enough money to put in 50 wells around the world. (roughly 20 dollars a well) If we could raise 5000 dollars we could provide a water system for a village, helping them get safe drinking water, and saving lives.

How can we make this possible?

1-Come and donate! If we could get 50 people to this event and each person donated 20 dollars, we could do it.

2-Spread the word. In our world today we have the ability to spread information faster then it has ever been. Imagine if Paul Ravier had Twitter, Facebook, and texting. He could have rallied half of the American colonies in 5 minutes with 1 tweet, a Facebook status, and a mass text. They probably could have sunk the British ships out in the harbor.

Whats In It For Me?

You might be asking yourself this question. Understandable. I am asking you to sacrifice a weekend to romp around southern Utah in the sun. So lets explain why.

First and foremost, you are donating to a good cause. People out there need your help, and you are stepping up to the plate and providing that.

Second, you get to spend a weekend in southern Utah. Southern Utah has some of the most beautiful country side in America. This can be a unique family outing that will leave an impact on you and your family forever.

Third, you get a free T-shirt if you donated to Charity: Water.

Fourth, it is free to come(except parking). Even though I am wanting you to donate when you arrive, I am not asking for money to participate.

How to Register?

To register, send an email to:


Include in your email the following

  • Name, include both first and last
  • Number in your party
  • Relative ages- for safety and to make sure all people are accounted for.
  • Shirt Sizes for each individual- (this will not include toddlers)
  • How much you’re willing to donate.
  • If you have any health conditions that we should be aware of, please let us know.  (asthma, hart issues, allergic to bee’s, ex)

You must read information below before registering.

Health Information and Liability

This hike is moderately difficult due to distance and temperature. You will be walking in sand and in the sun for upwards of an hour and a half to two hours, but will be rewarded with a cool refreshing ending at a waterfall. Thus in order to protect myself, organizations, and the others who participate, anyone who registers for this event understands, agrees and must abide by the following:

  • Your health is your responsibility. Any injury caused by environment, negligence, or another individual is your responsibility. Or in other Calf Creek Fallswords, if anything happens to you, its your fault, or the fault of those who were involved. The organizations and individuals who are participating/ sponsoring are not responsible for your health.
  • We are gong into the outdoors. Their are inherent risks when it comes to hiking in the desert including: Dehydration, heat exhaustion, sun exposure, injury to the body, and animals encounters (we live in a desert there are venomous snakes in Utah). Be aware and prepare properly.
  • Wear appropriate gear- flip flops, high heels, etc are not safe or appropriate.
  • No Alcohol. Not only is it unpleasant to be around it is unsafe in these conditions. Dehydration is a big concern to me here at Southern Utah Hiking. Be safe.
  • Come prepared with your own water and food. I recommend at least 2 liters per person, due to the fact that this event is taking place in the summer.
  • Pack it in, Pack it out. Remember, what you bring in, must be brought back out. Leave the  place cleaner then you found it.
  • Be courteous and respectful to thous around you. We are all here to have a good time. Do not go out of your way to be annoying, irritating or causing contention. I don’t want to deal with it and neither does anyone else.
  • If you need any particular medication, especially for emergencies, please bring it. It is better safe then sorry.
  • If any incident occurs, remember we are in a canyon. There is no cell phone reception and that means you have to walk out before help can be reached.
  • Be safe.

Thanks everyone for reading and I hope to see you in three months! Don’t Forget to register.


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