Double Arch Alcove

Hey everyone I am back with a new adventure. It has been a while since I have had anything big to talk about, but today that is changing. Let me introduce everyone to Double Arch Alcove located in the less known part of Zion National Park called Kolob Canyon.

Since I didn’t really know about Kolob Canyon till recently (I had seen it on maps but I considered it wilderness area.) I figured that most of you are also a little left in the dark too. Well Kolob Canyon is located on the north side of the Park. There is an access point off of I-15 just a few minutes south of Cedar City. It’s Labeled Kolob Canyon Road off of exit 40.Kolob Canyon

The canyon was added some years after the main canyon was designated a national park. This section is home to the worlds largest arch called Kolob Arch. This is also the more wilderness area of Zions so there are less hikes, and less people. Most of the time if you go to Zion you will be surrounded by throngs of people, here you will only find a few. It is kinda nice. By the time we were done with our hike, we were the only ones on the trail.

Now lets get back to the hike.

102_4609Double Arch Alcove is located at the Taylors Creek Trail head. It is about 2.5 miles in, round trip of 5 miles. The hike is at a steady incline, but it is not steep, just enough to let you know you are going up hill. The trail also criss crosses the stream (Taylor’s Creek) probably 20 times. We did not get wet because it was shallow and there were plenty of rocks to hop on, but during rain storms or a good run off you will probably get wet.

As you travel along the trail you will pass a couple cabins built in the early 1900’s which is kind of cool to see. They were locked when we went by, but I have seen pictures from inside of them before.

As the trial continues, you get taken back into a canyon with huge cliffs that surround you. It is quite impressive. I suggest taking a second here and there are look up and take it in. Along the way we encountered a bit of wildlife. There were some deer and lots of lizards.

But something that is less noticeable is the danger of mountain lions. You are in the back-country here so your chance of encountering a lion is increased. Do not go jogging alone, or even hiking. If you see one, back away and give it its own space. If you see one coming towards you, make lots of noise and try to scare it. Do not turn and run, it will out run you, and you will trigger it’s hunting Double arch alcoveinstincts. There are signs informing you this information at the trail head.

The Cove

Double Arch Alcove is located at the end of the hike. There is a sign that points it out, so you wont miss it. If you are wondering if there are two arches, there is not. There is one located high high up on the cliff wall and then there is the alcove. I assumed from the the name that there were two arches but no. But it is an interesting locating.

The walls are zebra stripped  with water deposits, and the base is covered with little wild flowers. I don’t know the species, but I assume they are probably specific to this canyon or region. Utah has lots of flowers like this. So do not go walking on the hill at the base of the rock face.102_4623

This is a pleasant hike, I hope you guys get a chance to go here and I will have more hikes coming out of this area since it is new. See everyone in three months!



2 responses to “Double Arch Alcove

  1. Great Blog Nate, youdo such a good job of describing the locations & points of interest. you should have been a writer or artist,
    Keep up the good work, I enjoy each one as you send them out.
    Grandma Evie

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