The Challenge

Fairy land overlookGuess what?! It’s Free National Park Week next week.

It begins April 22-26, so Monday through Friday.

Since I have begun my Go out and Explore campaign I am officially throwing out a challenge.

The Challenge

If you have a national park within your state I am challenging you to go out and visit it! Then write comment about it here to let me know how it went. Go and spread the word!

Also if you have not checked out my event coming up on June 29th, to check out Sweat for Clean Water. Go to the Facebook page to let me know if you are going. Also give me your shirt size so I can get an accurate number of shirts for the event.


One response to “The Challenge

  1. Southern Utah is a great place to be out in at this time of year. I wish I was there. Northern Utah is cold and wet. This is my favorite time to get out. But I was out last week. So that was not bad.

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