Returning To Where Angels Walk

102_4650Did you fulfill my challenge? If you did, post your story down below in a comment.

So the other question, did I do it myself? And the answer is yes.

Since it was free national park week I decided to take my fiance, Brianna, and a friend from work, Hayden, to Zion to have one awesome day. Since neither of them had been to Angels Landing, I decided we were going to go there. In the process we had a scary incident arise but over all we had a great time.

Some part of me says I need to write about the hike, but I have already done that, so just check out that post.

Onto the story then.

The trail to Angels Landing begins down at the bottom of the canyon and rises up the cliff walls. Due to such an arrangement of trail, most of it is in the sun and has sections that are extremely steep. As we were rising I began noticing Brianna’s face was becoming pale and her cheeks were flush. I asked her if she was ok, and she said she was. I of course trusted her, but it was not long after that that she deteriorated quickly.

We stopped and rested and I looked back and noticed her leaning against the wall and could hear her breathing. She had shallow breaths that sounded wheezy. I hurried over to her side and saw that she was struggling breathing. She told me she felt like she could not breath and that the air was not getting into her lungs.Angels Landing Path

This is one of those moments I am extremely glad I took that wilderness first aid course. She was feeling heat exhaustion and overexertion.

I pulled out the water bottle and poured it on her head and back to begin to cool her down. I got her breathing under control and we rested. I had her eat her sandwich to restore some nutrients back into her body. After a few minutes of resting and cooling down, we headed out again. I let her lead this time, so she could go at a pace she could manage.

Side note: If I didn’t think she could have made it the rest of the way, I would not have let her. So don’t think I forced her forward.

102_4651There is a nice little place on the trail that is flat and in the shade. Due to change in temperatures right here, there is always a good breeze, so I had her just stand here and cool off.

It is a scary thing to be in the position where your lungs don’t feel like they are working. I have been there a few time in my life and it is just as un-fun to watch your significant other experiencing that.

It really does not have to be 100 degrees for someone to experience heat related issues. Sometimes it takes the right combinations in the right amounts that can lead to a bad situation.

After this point I kept an eye on her very closely. We had a great time form this point on. Except Hayden who had to use the bathroom extremely badly on the way back.


2 responses to “Returning To Where Angels Walk

  1. Nice story. I am glad that you are so good at what you do Nathan I think its awsome that you are always very prepared you have always been a great example of that. I am glad that Brianna was ok and that you knew exactly what to do!

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