Piracy Point

101_4699Here this past week I was in Bryce Canyon enjoying the scenery, applying for a job and getting my self locked out of my car. It was a rip roaring adventure and along the way I got a chance to look at an interesting little walk within Bryce Canyon.

My reason for making this trip, for once, was not hiking. I had a job interview within the park and with all luck, I might even have a chance to live in southern Utah over the summer.

After my interview I had stopped by the Bryce Canyon Lodge looking for job opportunities for my fiance, but while I was there I managed to lock my self out of my car. When I stepped out of my car and closed the door, it struck me that I didn’t have my keys. So here I was 300 miles away from anyone who could help and I am locked out of my car.

Sizing up my situation I realized I could get back in, so with some quick ingenuity I unlocked my car and made it out to my desired location, Piracy Point. (Sorry I can’t tell you more then that, I can’t tell you how to break into my car.)

Piracy Point is located about 7 miles past Bryce Canyon Lodge. Its a quick 300 yard walk that gives you this view. It does have some cliff danger, but if you need a nice simple walk to do and if you keep an eye on your kids, you should have a great time.





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