White Rock Amphitheater And White Rocks Trail

White Rock AmphitheaterThis was an adventure that was supposed to be only 30 minutes, but turned into a couple hour ordeal. If I had understood the map better, and if the park had better marking system, it would have been an uneventful story.

But we can’t have that can we.

WeddingSo Last week I was down in St. George for a wedding. There was a couple hour break between the actual ceremony and the reception so I figured I would grab my wife and head out into the desert and go on a little hike in Snow Canyon State Park. With that in mind we changed clothing and headed to the park.

Upon arrival we received a little spiel about the Desert Tortoise. They are giving some new instructions about handling and dealing with them if they are encounter. It is good information so pay attention to it.snow_canyon_map

Onto the trail.

Since I had been to snow canyon now a few times, I wanted to visit someplace new. Looking on the map I saw something that said White Rock Amphitheater and it sounded interesting.

After a few minutes of confusion, I figured that the last parking spot on the snow canyon road was our point of entry, but in reality the entering spot was located out of the park.

Note: This is not the map issued to you by the park, if it was I would have had not issue. Their map is much harder to notice highway 18.

So we began to walk, thinking that this would only be a little one mile walk at most, but our turn off never seemed to come. After a few minutes we ran into a caravan of horseback riders and we asked them if they new how to get to the White Rock Amphitheater. The guy looked at us and said that we could get there from here, but we were way off.

Seeing that the caravan of horses came from what appeared to be our trail we headed down that path and into the desert. I was never really all that concerned because we could see the road from where we were, but we never seemed to arrive at the right area.

What I didn’t know was that we had just began followed the Whiterocks Trail from the lava flow over look trail.

White Rocks Trailwhite rock amphitheater

The White Rocks Trail is a nice mile or two jaunt through the desert that is a challenge due to the deep sand that is present. Brianna was emptying a lot of sand from her shoes (If you walk right, you have very little issues with sand. I’ll have to teach her proper sand walking technique).

The trail follows the white rocks that jut from the ground on the north side of the park. If followed it takes you up and over some fun cliffs and towards the White Rock Amphitheater.

The turn off for the amphitheater is not marked except by some cairn’s, but it looks pretty amphitheaterish from a distance.

white rock amphitheaterThe amphitheater itself is really quite impressive. It is a huge bowl cut out of the white rocks with a canyon that overlooks the valley on the back side. The canyon looks like something you would see right out of a Hollywood western movie.

After our visit we decided we did not want to go back through all the sand and headed back to the road and followed it back to the car.

So if you plan on going on this little hike. Go to the park, travel all the way through it, and make a left onto highway 18 heading north. Go down a quarter of a mile or so and you will see parking on the left. From there it is only a 10 minute walk.


White Rock Amphitheater


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