Casto Canyon

Casto CanyonI have so much to talk about and I am struggling to figure out where I want to start. I feel some part of me should do something about Bryce Canyon, but in reality I have not completed one hike. I have been to a few look out spots, and I will get to those, but I want to talk about something less known.

I had an interesting conversation about hidden treasures with my dad. There are many of these located around Utah’s wilderness, but unless you are a local or you heard it from someone else, it is unknown.

Casto Canyon is one of these treasures.Casto Canyon

To get here travel on Highway 89 till you arrive at highway 12 going to Bryce Canyon. A few miles up the road there is a sign that says Losee Canyon and Casto Canyon. Make a left here and travel 3 miles are it will be on your right.

The hike is actually an ATV trail, but it takes you into some unique back country of hoodoo’s and some unique formations. I did not have long to spend here but there is definitely lots of areas to explore.

We decided to follow the river bed to get a more unique look at the rocks. I am usually an advocate of staying on the trail, but when you are in a canyon it is hard to get lost. With Walls on both sides and one river bed, it is easy to get back to the beginning.

An interesting things to take note of is this random tree growing out of rock.

Casto Canyon

Casto Canyon

Casto Canyon

A Hoodoo with a tiny tiny base. I almost jumped on it, till I noticed this.

Casto Canyon


2 responses to “Casto Canyon

  1. Wow I was there a few days ago! There’s afun canyoneering route in one of the side drainages

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