Meet My Hero

slythern slotToday is Fathers Day and I would like to introduce you guys to my hero, my dad.

Yes, you heard me. My dad is my hero.

A few months back I had a job interview and the interviewer asked me who my hero was and my response was my father. He taught me everything I know and has always pushed me to be better, try harder, work harder and live a clean wholesome life. My interviewer was impressed and I got the job.

My father has been a significant figure in my life. He has always been there helping me in school and in social aspects of life. He would sit down with me night after night helping me do my math. He would read through my English papers making me write and re-write everything till it was worth while. (He still does this with me today making sure this blog reads as well as I would like it too.)

We would go on walks every night and talk about everything. I realize now that this was the activity that bonded us.Kannaraville Falls

Through these small and what may have seemed to be insignificant activities, he became my best friend (second to my wife now).

He showed my how to be a good father though time and charity.

He taught me how to be a man. Something that society is failing at doing.

And to relate this back to my blog, he also taught me to always be prepared especially in the outdoors.

Many years back on our first trip to Calf Creek Falls he taught me the principle of preparation. I was excited for the trip and packed what I thought I needed… Which wasn’t very much. I didn’t grab a jacket because I figured I would be camping in the desert, you know where it’s hot. My dad asked me if I had a sweater and I told him no, because we were going to camp in the desert.

Well it’s safe to say we did not end up camping in the desert.

It was our first time down and we got a little turned around and headed up over this mountain. It got later and later and the road kept going and going. We knew the town we needed to get to was at the end of this road, but by 10:30 at night we needed to set up camp. So here we were at 10,000 feet, not in the desert and it was cold.

Since I did not have a jacket I was freezing. My dad had prepared though and brought a little something fore me.

It was a thin jacket.

Warm enough to keep me from freezing, thin enough to remind me that it was really cold.

It was a good lesson and I have never forgotten a jacket since.

This is just one example of many things I have learned from him.






My dad, my hero, my roll model, my friend.

I plan on having many more adventures with him, and if any of you ever decide to come along, you will probably get a chance to meet him.


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