One Week From Savings Lives

We are one week away from Sweat For Clean Water charity fund raiser event!

I am excited 🙂

If you are stumbling upon this now, let me explain.

We are raising money to fund water projects around the world to provide fresh drinking water to people in need. It is called the water crisis and it is effecting billions of people every day. My goal is to make a difference, but that can’t happen without you. The goal is to raise 1000 dollars, enough to put 50 water wells in areas in need.

If you are just stumbling upon this, it probably means you don’t have time to make plans and come out.

This doesn’t mean you cannot contribute.

In order to reach out to everyone I have set up a fund raiser with Charity: Water

For those planning on coming here is some basic information.


Be at the parking lot of Lower Calf Creek Falls at 10:00 A.M.


You can camp at the location, but I doubt you will get one. I suggest going to ‘Hole in the rock Road’ right out side of Escalante and camp there. There are plenty of open areas for camping that are free


The location is 5 hours away from Salt Lake City.

3 hours from Cedar City.

Just put in you address and get the directions to this location here.  Scroll down and find the Directions section and put in your address for directions to the location.


This will be a hot hike. Bring at least 2 liters of water per adult. There will be a super refreshing waterfall at the end also.

First Aid

I am wilderness first aid certified so I can provide some basic medical needs, but be careful. The closest hospital is in Cedar City.

How to Recognize Us

I plan on having some sort of cheesy poster that will make me stand out. Also I will also be wearing a sweat for clean water T-shirt so that will help distinguish me.

Can’t wait to see everyone there!


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