Mossy Cave

Mossy CaveI like hikes that are quick and rewarding. They make great date nights for me and my wife, or they can be thrown in between big hikes.

Mossy cave is one of these hikes.

We caught wind of the hike due to a co-worker of my wife’s. She had asked about cool hikes in the area and they mentioned this place with a waterfall that was just outside of the park. So with that knowledge, we headed out one Monday evening and visited this new land.

To get to the hike, drive east from the park on highway 12 towards Tropic, Utah. A few minutes down the road you will see a pull off on the right, this is the hike. It is the only pull off on the way so you wont miss it.

The hike is only .4 miles long, relatively flat and easy for kids to go on, making it a great family friendly hike. Mossy CaveAfter crossing a bridge and doing some walking you will arrive at the first of scenic stops, the waterfall.

There is a nice little foot trail that takes you away from the main path to the base of the waterfall. It requires you to get wet, but if you feel adventuresome enough, you can go right up the the falls and even sneak behind them. It is slippery and muddy though.

As for the mossy cave side of this hike…. I have actually never made it to it. From my understanding it us just a little overhang that has some dripping water and some green mossy stuff coming out of the wall, so nothing too exciting. Just go to Zion and hike weeping rock to get that.

Mossy Cave

Mossy Cave


4 responses to “Mossy Cave

  1. That is pretty cool. I have never seen images of a waterfall in Bryce Canyon NP. Looking at the topo map, it seems that it is spring fed from up by Ruby’s Inn. Does the flow last year-round?

    • I do believe so, but somewhere in the back of my mind says no. It may be covered with ice and snow during the winter making it frozen. I can look more into it if you want.

  2. Yes that is cool. I like hikes that have a little water in them. That entire Escalante area is chock full of interesting things.

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