Nature Walk

I am going to branch a little today from my theme of writing about Bryce Canyon and take you to a different part of Utah near the park. I am talking about Kodachrome Basin. This is a small state park located about 30 miles east of Bryce Canyon. It is easy to get to and has hikes for everyone.

Today hike is going to be the Nature Walk.

Kodachrome BasinWe had time to do about three hikes while we were there, and the Nature Walk is by far the easiest and takes you by some good clusters of sand pipes.

Sand Pipes are the remains of ancient geysers that had filled with sand over time, solidified, then the surrounding dirt eroded away leaving huge pillars.

The park is home to about 67 of these huge spires and this hike takes you by just a few.

The hike is about 3/4 of a mile on smooth paved ground. It also has some fun quotes and info signs along the path that enrich the hike.

Unfortunetly I was doing a lot of things with my Gopro at the time of this walk and ended up loosing a lot of that footage too so I just have a few pictures to show you guys. I hope you enjoy.




2 responses to “Nature Walk

  1. Nice stuff. Kodachrome is an interesting place. If you want some great photos this is a good place for some great outdoor pics.

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