A Walk Through Bryce

our adventureI have been needing to do this post for a while now, that is all the view points in Bryce Canyon. It’s funny that the park is called Bryce Canyon when in reality the park is composed of large natural features called amphitheaters.

Back to the topic though. My wife and I had some time today and we finally were able to go see all the view points. So I am going to go through each one and lay them out with a picture. I may throw in some descriptions and personal thoughts.

This activity will take about 3 hours to do; probably longer if you desire to spend some time and just enjoy them as they go on.

I hope you enjoy!

Sunrise Point

This view point along with Sunset point are the most popular view points in the park and are 1/2 mile away from each other on a flat paved path.



Sunset Point

This is actually taken a few feet away from the main view area.


Inspiration Point

This point is really awesome and is composed of three separate spots. One is up a steep incline.


Bryce Point

The main point that everyone comes to see.

Bryce Overlook

Paria Point

I first saw this point in a huge rain storm, this was the first time I was able to come back and actually get a picture of it.

paria point

Swamp Canyon

swamp canyon

Farview Point

farview point

Piracy Point

Piracy point

Natural Bridge

This is actually an arch, this was mis-titled some time back, but the name stuck

Natural Bridge

Agua Canyon

Agua Canyon

Ponderosa Canyon

ponderosa point

Black Birch Canyon

This parking spot is packed with people all the time it seems. But it is a good lookout. This is only half of it.


Rainbow Point

This is the end of the park and the first of three view points on the same trail.


Yovimpa Point


Bristol cone Loop lookout

This is as far as you can go in the park. Welcome to the end of Bryce. This hike is relatively easy and is very family friendly. There are dangerous cliffs, so do watch your kids.



4 responses to “A Walk Through Bryce

  1. Agreed – Nice eye with the camera – great shots – and a service – I dont know that people always see all the view points in the park. If you end up doing any walking you always find yourself hiking back up – and you are at an elevation over 7000 ft and you never get to all the other stops. Great stuff.

  2. Bryce is also a great place for a winter hike. When there is just a dusting of snow on the red rock.

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