Tour of Utah

tou_gear_stacked_600Talk about some excitement!

A race that touts the title of ‘Americas toughest stage race’ is passing right though my front yard… and back yard, and play ground.

Tour of Utah just began today. I had the opportunity to spend some time in the “village” today in Cedar City. I was down for paperwork, but having a minute for lunch we walked around and picked up some free gear.

We could not stick around though, so I don’t have any cool pictures of anything. Too bad.

Tomorrow, though, they will be riding by Bryce and through Escalante. The total distance is going to be like 130 miles with elevation changes that will make event the toughest athlete struggle. They will start at 6500 feet or so, rise to 8000 feet drop back to 5000 feet and pop back up to 8600 feet or so. Its going to be one heck of a grind through one of Utah’s prettiest places to be in.


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