Sweat For Clean Water # 2

Yup, it’s official I am doing a second Sweat For Clean Water event. Why? Because I can.Kanarraville Falls

Date: September 2, 2013

Location: Kanarraville Falls

Time: 10:00 AM

Meeting Location: To be determined.

The hike is located in the small town of Kanarraville Utah, just south of Cedar City. If you want more information on the hike you can find about it here on my blog: http://southernutahhiking.com/2012/05/13/kanarraville-falls/

I have been thinking about this for a little while now, and due to some recent events in my life I am bringing this idea out of the shadows and back into the light.

The goal is still the same, we are trying to raise money to provide fresh drinking water to people around the world. In other words we are saving lives.

The original number I wanted to raise was 1000 dollars, but we only got a little over 200. Still a good number, but there is more to go.

I also have about 8 shirts left and I want to give those out to people who come along.

If you are interested in donating, here is the link to the page:


(UPDATE: There is only a few more days before this campaign closes, and I will be making another in its place)

This is really for a good cause, and it also a great way to explore some unknown areas of southern Utah.

Come out and explore; not only for fun but for someone’s life.



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