Posey Lake

Posey LakeLast month for my job I had the opportunity to go to a little lake located right outside the town of Escalante and be apart of a restoration. The lake as mentioned is called Posey Lake and is a hidden treasure of southern Utah. Also if you are a fishing fanatic, you might want to stop here and spend a few minutes casting a fly or two.

Posey Lake is nestled in at about 8800 feet up a dirt road in the Boulder mountains. There is a nice campground here that has 21 sites. Water and restrooms are available. There is a small dock to launch non-motorized boats, and last but not least, there are a few trails, one being to Posey Lake Lookout. This is where my project begins.

As some may know, I actually work for Bryce Canyon for the historic preservation crew. Posey LakeSince we are one of the only few in the area, we were contracted by the forest service to restore the Posey Lake lookout… shack. It’s a wooden structure found at the end of the trail that overlooks the lake and you can see off into the distance to the Henry mountains.

The trail that leads up to the lookout point is 3/4 of a mile long, but climbs close to 600-700 feet in elevation. So it is steep. After walking that trail for 2 weeks multiple times a day, it’s safe to say I was a bit tired of it.

Our first day at Posey was mostly filled with hauling up equipment and setting up the work site. I probably walked up that trail 4 times that day if not more. So at least 6 miles. I literally walked my self to exhaustion, Posey Lookoutwhich is a surprising thing for a guy like me who does a hike almost every week.

After that we went to work. We strapped come-a-longs to the posts, straitened out the structure, redid the roof, replaced logs, changed out floorboards, redid the foundation (I moved every single rock under that floor that you stand on) added benches, replaced a rail and did some other handy work while we were there.

It’s was quite a project.

It also did not help that I had to be up at 5 o’clock in the morning to get to the work site too. But I did camp for a few days while I was there to keep myself from having to do that too often.

About camping at Posey.

The camping at Posey Lake is really quite nice. There are bathrooms all over and there are clean water spouts at each camp site. Fishing is good once you get out into the water, but most of the shore is surrounded by thick reeds.

The story of us getting a hold of a boat is a bit of a fun one. On the first nights of camping out in Posey we decided we were going to go fishing. On our way back to the camp site, the camp host came up to us and asked if we could help her. Apparently she had discovered that there was some sort of rodent living in her trailer and she asked if we could help her find it.

We said sure and headed over to her little place and scavenged around to find clues. Sure enough there was a rodent of a sort living posey lake v2there but, due to the design of the trailer, there was nothing we could do. She thanked us and in return she let us use here little canoe that spent most of it’s days on land.

So with that we began fishing on the lake with the little canoe. I used a spinner and it worked great. I saw people using all sorts of things, but I hear fly fishing is the best way to go. (a guy caught 12 fish in just a few hours)

Also at this time I did some wandering around the lake, which has a nice little shore line trail where I found a snake and evidence of the beaver that lives in the lake.

Now that I have shared my experience it’s your turn to go here and explore. Also while you are up at the lookout point, look for my name. And if you are interested add your own.

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