Hell’s Backbone

Hells backbone bridgeHave you ever driven by something for over a decade and have never gone to see it? Well this is one of those places for me.

I first saw the Hells Backbone turn off when I was 12 when I first went to Calf Creek Falls (I am 23 now). And every consecutive year, adventure after adventure, we drove by this mystery thing and always wondered.

Now we wonder no longer.

My parents came down to see my wife and I in Bryce a couple months back. while they were down there they snagged me and headed off and visited Posey Lake and Hells Back Bone. If you are interested in going to Posey Lake and Hells Backbone, they share the same road for quite a while.

Note: The road that takes you there is located in Escalante, Ut. There is a sign that tells you to turn off the main road and head towards the mountains. As you travel stay to the right, and take the right fork in the road about a mile down from mainstreethells backbone

Hells Backbone if you are wondering is a road that takes you through the mountains and over some crazy terrain.

So we headed up the road and traveled and traveled and traveled some more. It is quite a distance up the road before you get to anything interesting. Most of the time you travel through woods.

About 30-45 minutes of travel you finally arrive at Hells Backbone. It begins with some cliffs that run just a few feet away from the road, which makes for an exciting drive. After this is when you arrive at Hells Backbone bridge. This is really where the road gets its name. Here is the video of us spending a few minutes here. (The video is currently being processed by YouTube, so if it is not playing that is why.)





One response to “Hell’s Backbone

  1. That video of you on that rock looking down at that edge as it plunges another 100 feet gives me the willies. Lower Box is there on that road. We need to go back and do some more hiking.

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