Kanarraville Falls, Saving Lives

Kanarraville fallsI feel like I have started some sort of trend when it comes to Kannaraville Falls. If you type this hike into the internet on Google, I am one of the first links and I am the first image on Google images. Kinda crazy, actually.

So yes if you have not guessed this, the hike is Kannaraville Falls.

Today is the continuation of the saga of ‘Sweat for Clean Water’ and what it brought forth this time. We met on Labor day and headed out to Kanarraville to have a fantastic day. I was fortunate to have Robby come once again, along with 3 ladies from the SUU news paper. Then some unexpected guests also arrived who happened to be passing though the area and wanted to join.

This is their article they wrote on the event http://www.suunews.com/news/2013/sep/04/hikers-sweat-clean-water/

The hike was once again fantastic. Water was flowing great, and there were people a plenty. This hike has exploded in popularity over the past year and is quite busy on weekends. To get the best opportunity to experience it more empty go during the week.

Some updates about the hike.

The log that everyone walks up to get up and over the first waterfall has been redone. It is bran new and much safer. Along with this, theSlot Canyon, Kanarraville falls third waterfall no longer has a ladder. Some time in the past little while it has come apart and no longer works.

Another thing I discovered is the second waterfall is actually a water slide. If you go down the left side it is 6 feet deep and completely swallows me. The bad news is that I lost my sunglasses right here. I forgot they were on and felt them hit my leg then dissapear into the icy cold depths. So if you find them, email me.

If you go down the right slide it is knee deep and is much more likely you wont get too wet.

But we had a fantastic time and raised a few dollars too! Not much, but enough to make a bit of a difference in the world.

I have to say the sweat for clean water projects have been fun doing, and have taken a lot of planning. I appreciate everyone who has helped and who has come on the events. I set out to make a difference in the world, and I believe I have. Not a huge one, but every step counts when you are saving lives.

As of right now there are no more sweat for clean water projects and there are only a few more hikes I have left to right about. I am slowing things down for a while and trying to get my body back into functioning shape after I have beat it to death all summer.

Catch you next time.

Kanarraville falls


6 responses to “Kanarraville Falls, Saving Lives

  1. I was planning a three day trip to Zion’s national Park but because of the whole government shutdown I don’t think its going to happen. Do you have any suggestions where I can go? Ps I was planning on going October 17th.

    • Well I can suggest a few back ways into zion, but that would be huge hikes. I have never done them but I have seen signs before.

      As for things to do in the area. Red Cliffs, also Kanarraville falls.

      If you head over the mountain, there are tons of stuff near Bryce canyon. Look up scadumpa road (spell check that one). Bull valley gorge, sheeps creek, and a few other slot canyons are on it. A few miles away is Kodachrome basin. If you feel like it, head down to Calf Creek Falls out side of Escalante.

      Where are you coming from and how long are you planning on staying in the area? There are tons of stuff you can do over a few days.

      • I’m coming from Salt Lake City, and I was planning a 3 night 4 days trip. Do you know the name of the backward into Zion? Thanks a ton by the way!!

      • I don’t. There is a sign up by Navajo lake that says its a trail to Zion. But It would be like a 20 mile hike. I would suggest going to Kolob section of the park. Less traffic and just do Kolob arch. That is a 2 day hike, 7 mile in 7 miles out, then hit Kanarraville falls on your last day.

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