Losee Canyon

Losee CanyonIt has been a few weeks since I have been in Bryce, but I still have a few stories up my sleeve about the area.

The hike of the day is the Losee Canyon trail located just out side of Red Canyon from highway 89. To get there, take highway 89 till you get to the Bryce Canyon turn off and head towards Bryce. A few miles up the road you will see signs for Losee and Casto Canyon and a dirt road on the north side of the road. Take this road and you will get to the parking lot in about 5 minutes.

This hike is one of those short sweet hikes with a lot of fun things thrown into the mix. Since it is still made up of the same formation that makes up Bryce, it is covered with hoodoo’s and Arches to go exploring around. There is also a nice lookout that allows you to see rising plateaus that head off to Losee CanyonCedar City.

The trail is kind of spaghetti bowl. Don’t worry about getting lost, you can see your car from almost anywhere in the hike. It is also relatively family friendly so you can take your kids on it too.

It has one start point, but it winds all around the hills, and takes you amongst the hoodoo’s. The arches of the hike are located on the east end of the trail, while the lookout is located towards the west side of the trail.

Some part of me says I should say lots of stuff about this hike, but it is a nice little activity to do when you have an hour and nothing to fill it. Perhaps you should just stop by here on your way to Bryce Canyon and get another look into Red Canyon and the region round about.

Losee Canyon


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