A Walk Through Zion

DCIM104GOPROIt was free national park day yesterday (Saturday the 28th) so I decided to take the opportunity to go do some exploring. Sort of…. It was Zion and I have been there a ton, so exploring in the main part of the canyon is a relative term.

Over all, it was more of a photogenic adventure, where I was just enjoying the new settings on my GoPro and enjoying the scenery.

I took some time and hiked half way up Angels Landing and got a few pics. It was about right here when my regular point and shoot gave out on me and stopped reading my SD card. So if anyone wants to sponsor me a new camera đŸ˜‰ I am in need.

Side note: I even ran into a guy from back country outdoor gear. They have some cool stuff that I might check out some time when I have the money.  Here is their website if anyone is interested http://www.backcountry.com/

If you hit the trails yesterday and enjoyed the Free National Park Holiday, share your story in a post below!



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