Cascade Falls

fall leavesThis is just a little post today because this is just a little hike. I did this last week in the morning because I wanted to take my wife out somewhere, and thus this was the chosen location.

That is Cascade Falls

I initially heard about this hike from a buddy, who suggested we go some time. Since I could not get a hold of him when I was planning it, he didn’t attend.cascade falls

But the hike is a quick .5 mile walk across some breaks (large geological formation) and takes you to a small cascade that come out of the mountain. The most interesting part about it all is that it is a river coming out of a cave in the side of the mountain.

The water is actually from Navajo Lake, where it drains out through a sink hole near the docks.

To get here, travel up highway 14 till you get to the Navajo lake turn off. Head down that road for a few miles and you will see the turn off to the left that says Cascade falls. Make a left here and stay left when you see your first turn off. There is a sign just a mile or so down the road that says Cascade falls. zion from a distance



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