Antelope Canyon

Antelope CanyonWords that describe Antelope Canyon. Amazing, astounding, awesome, magical…. I hope you are getting the hint.

Gallery of images I took.

So if you haven’t guessed today is on Antelope Canyon. This is a hike I have been wanting to go on for years now and I was finally lured down by my dad. There are some good reasons why I have not gone though. It is a guided hike and it costs a lot of money to go.

Antelope Canyon is actually a series of canyons that run through the desert right out side of Page, Arizona. The land they are sitting on is partly Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and the other regions of it are in the Navajo Reservation. The canyon is split up by wide washes that narrow again sporadically and create some of the most spectacular slot canyons I have ever seen.

In order to access antelope canyon, you can do a couple things.

  1. Get on with a tour company and go at the arranged times.
  2. Show up at the canyons and get on with a tour company at arranged times.
  3. Sneak in, get arrested, and then be tied by federal and tribunal law.

I normally hate tour guided hikes like this, but this one has to be. Not that you couldn’t do this by your self, but there are just soAntelope Canyon many people coming through the canyon. If there was no reservation system, there would be a constant stream and it would get trashy, messy and unmaintained.

For our tour group, we went up to the upper Antelope Canyon. If you are going to do this, go in the morning because there are less people. This section of the canyon is about 300 yards long and goes by really quick. I am not sure about the lower canyon, but that one seems to be longer.

When you go, your guide will point out a lot of the famous rock structures and some of the best places to take pictures.

The canyon terrain is flat and sandy making it extremely easy for people to move around. No special gear and regular tennis shoes will do just fine.

If you are interested in going when the shafts of light are coming down through the canyon go in the early summer in June and the beginning of July.

As for photography. This is only a few of my images. You can go here to get the full fantastic view of everything.

Antelope CanyonAntelope Canyon


4 responses to “Antelope Canyon

  1. Great pictures – you would never have known thre were about 40 people wandering around in there while you took these

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