Another End, A New Beginning

Antelope CanyonIt’s the off season of hiking here in Utah. Storms are beginning to bring snow to the mountains and temperatures are dropping. This unfortunately means I have less hikes to go on.

The other one two punch is that I have school and things are beginning to wrap up, so finals are coming in just a few weeks.

As for the new beginnings… that is a new adventure in its self.

I am starting a business called GoPro Rentals! Yes I am becoming my own boss beginning December 1st. It will be an exciting new adventure into a world I have never ventured before.

“What is Gopro rentals?” Says some reader out there.

GoPro Rentals is a company that rents GoPro Cameras to people visiting here in southern Utah. For 25 bucks you can rent a camera that takes full 1080p HD video’s, and takes pictures in any condition. You can film yourself and your family sledding, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, wake boarding. heck anything really. I have plenty of videos on this web site taken with my GoPro.

So if you are heading up to my way stop by Cedar City and pick up a camera for a few days and record your adventures!

Visit my web site and pre-oder your GoPro today (business begins December 1st)

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